View Their Videos

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MobiCID allows you to view and download any videos stored in the target phone. With MobiCID you can:
  • View all the videos stored on the target phone.
  • Look at time and date stamps to see when the videos were filmed or downloaded.
  • Download videos to your computer.
  • All videos are uploaded to your online MobiCID control panel which you can access from anywhere with an internet connection.
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Why You Need This Feature

Do you suspect your kids have been making videos they shouldn't be? Do you want to get a look into what your children have been using their camera phones for? Are you afraid your employees might be filming confidential business processes and might use these videos to harm you? MobiCID lets you look at all the videos stored in the target phone so you will not have to keep guessing what they've been filming. You can even download the videos to use as evidence if you choose to confront the culprit.