Record Their Phone's Surroundings

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MobiCID allows you to record the surroundings of the target phone at any time you want. With MobiCID you can:
  • Record the surroundings of the target phone at any time.
  • Just send a simple SMS command or use the MobiCID control panel to start recording remotely.
  • Listen to recordings straight from the MobiCID control panel or download them to your computer.
  • All recordings are uploaded to your online MobiCID control panel which you can access from anywhere with an internet connection.
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Why You Need This Feature

Do you suspect your kids are lying about where they are and what they are doing? Do you want to know what they are up to when they go to stay over at their friend's places? Do you want to make sure your employees are not doing something unethical? Would you like to bug their cell phone? MobiCID allows you to record whatever is going on around the target phone so not only do you find out what they are doing, you also get evidence in the form of a audio recording.