Find Out if They Leave Safe Areas

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MobiCID lets you marks areas on a map as 'safe'. If the target phone leaves these areas, you will be notified instantly. With MobiCID, you can:
  • Mark 'safe' areas on a map shown in the MobiCID control panel.
  • If the target phone crosses the boundaries set by you to leave the 'safe' area, you will be notified instantly.
  • You can choose to receive notifications via email, via SMS message or both.
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Why You Need This Feature

Do you suspect that your kids are skipping school or leaving early to go somewhere else? Are your employees leaving office premises during work hours for their leisure purposes? Are your security guards popping into the shop at the corner to grab a few smokes while they should be protecting your property? Once you've set a 'safe' area through the online map on MobiCID's control panel, you can make sure that the target user is not leaving the area before they are meant to without you finding out.