Find Out if They Enter Restricted Areas

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On a map shown on the MobiCID control panel, you can mark areas as restricted and receive notifications if the target phone enters these areas. With MobiCID, you can:
  • Mark 'restricted' areas on a map shown in the MobiCID control panel.
  • If the target phone crosses the boundaries you have drawn to enter a restricted area, you will receive an instant notification.
  • You can choose to receive notifications via email, via SMS message or both.
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Why You Need This Feature

Is there somewhere you want to keep your children away from? Do you want to make sure your employees are not going into leisure areas during their work hours? MobiCID lets you set 'restricted' areas for your target phone. You can make sure your kids stay away from adult entertainment areas or make sure you are notified if your employees enter a competitor's office area. If someone is going where they shouldn't, you will know.